What pedagogical approach does Mauril use?

Mauril is designed to incorporate the linguistic strategies associated with the communicative approach and immersive learning. These approaches prioritize putting learners in controlled situations in which they must use the target language in a realistic way. This helps them gain more than they would in a traditional, book-and-writing-focused curriculum, as language acquired in this way will necessarily be more relevant to their lives. In short, Mauril favours learning by doing. Since it is predominantly designed to develop oral comprehension, our approach can be seen in the way in which the units are structured. Every unit is constructed to include a detailed overview of the context and content to be seen prior to starting the video. That way, as learners read through and complete units, they are shown what is important to retain and what the pertinent linguistic characteristics of the video are.

How can I use Mauril in class?

There are many different ways that you can integrate the use of Mauril into language classes. The easiest and most effective approach is to use Mauril as a recurring individual activity to develop oral comprehension. When used like this, learners are placed at an appropriate level and can either advance at their own pace or at a pace assigned as part of a class (participation, homework, etc.). This encourages learners to interact with the target language outside of the classroom and exposes them to engaging content which can motivate them to integrate it into their day-to-day lives. Mauril can also be used in many other ways in the classroom including using the content as a basis for group discussion, as a pop quiz, as a reward, as a prompt to do everyday activities using the challenges, as a way to develop listening strategies and much more!

Can I work on grammar with Mauril?

Mauril lessons do not explicitly focus on grammar, however there are grammar points to be found in every single unit in the app. Since Mauril uses a wide variety of Canadian programming, learners are exposed to a broad spectrum of authentic language. We have prepared lessons for each unit so that pertinent language points including grammar topics, syntax, expressions and vocabulary are highlighted in context. By exploring the app before using it with learners or by paying attention to the tags on each video, you can easily find units to use with students based on the grammar points that you are working on together. Further, Mauril content can effectively be used as the basis for conversation activities during which you push the grammar points that you would like learners to practise.

What skills can be practised with Mauril?

Mauril is intended to be used to practise oral comprehension as part of a general language learning strategy. However, your students will have the opportunity to practise reading, writing and speaking as well. Challenges are given at the end of each unit, to act as a bridge between the app and learners' day to day lives. These challenges focus on common real-life contexts and are divided by skill (reading, speaking and writing) in order to help users develop linguistic skills at their own pace and in a way that is relevant to their reality.

How can I measure my students’ progress?

It is not currently possible to track student progress from a single account. However, Mauril is centred on gradual and progressive learning. Once the placement test is completed, your learners will be directed to the level corresponding to their current proficiency in the language they are learning. From there, they can listen to the suggested videos and gradually progress from one level to the next. The videos that will be suggested to them have been selected on the basis of criteria such as plot complexity, visual support and pace to allow them to progress with confidence. During their time using Mauril, they will be offered tests to measure their progress and will be awarded badges to highlight their achievements!

They will also be given a Challenge at the end of each unit. This gives them the opportunity to practise speaking, reading and writing in their daily lives. Once they have passed Advanced 2, they will be more linguistically independent and will therefore be able to continue their language learning by enoying their favourite shows from Mauril on CBC Gem or ICI TOU.TV. They can also return to previous levels at any time to review any and all content.