How to Increase Your Fluency While Flying Solo


Can't find anyone to chat with in your new language? Don't let the lack of opportunities for conversation stop you from learning! Here are a few easy ways to keep practising by yourself. You'll be surprised how easy it is to expose yourself to language outside of your dedicated study time.

Talk to yourself

Turn your plants, your cat or the photos on your gallery wall into your new learning buddies! Start telling them about your day, your plans for the weekend, what you dreamt about last night, what you've learned on Mauril so far, where you hope to be in five years. The goal is to get you talking, so no subject is too big or too small. You could simply describe out loud what you are doing, or take it a step further by reacting to different hypothetical scenarios. From declining a dinner invitation to delivering your acceptance speech for the Oscars, getting your (imaginary) point across using a limited vocabulary might even improve your debating skills!

Take advantage of the technology around you

Record yourself saying the new sentences you've learned and listen to your pronunciation. Did you know that many online dictionaries now include audio files? You can use these online resources to check the pronunciations you're unsure about, and don't forget to listen to your old recordings once in a while to see how much you've improved! If there’s a voice-activated virtual assistant on your phone, tablet or computer, try switching the language settings so you can ask a few questions in the language you're learning and listen to the answers. You could also watch the news or catch up on world events by tuning in to a radio station or putting on a podcast in another language. Even if you can't follow along just yet, listening to the language for a few minutes every day will help you recognize the relevant sounds and rhythms.

When in doubt, sing it out

Music is a great way to learn while having fun! Whenever a song comes on in the language you're learning, pay attention to the words and the pronunciation. Can you understand what the song is about? Can you sing along with the chorus? If you prefer your performances more structured and rehearsed, pick a few songs, sit down with the lyrics and play them on a loop until you know the words. Then, once you're confident about your karaoke routine, go through your greatest hits while vacuuming, gardening or taking a shower. 

Get more out of the Mauril app

While completing units in Mauril, take the extra time to pause and repeat what's being said in the videos or to read the questions and feedback aloud to get those additional words in. You could also have a look at the French version of Mauril's blog to reread this article (and the previous ones) in the language you're learning. And, for more ways to challenge yourself and keep learning every day, try a few of the Mauril Challenges suggested at the end of each unit!


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