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Need ideas for how to add Mauril to your language teaching toolbox? Use Mauril in the classroom to develop oral comprehension skills or encourage use of the app outside the classroom to reinforce classroom learning at home. Our experts in second language learning have countless ideas for how to maximize language learning and make it fun.

A complementary tool

Help students thrive both in the classroom and at home with a complementary approach to language learning. Students won’t mind doing their ‘Mauril homework’ since it means learning with award-winning video and audio content. What’s more, they can do it any time and anywhere.

Immersive learning

Mauril offers a unique opportunity to hear French and English in real-life settings that reflect the diversity and accents found throughout Canada. With its focus on promoting oral comprehension skills, Mauril is a truly immersive learning experience for your students.

Steady progression

Our pedagogical experts have worked with passion and precision to curate a level-appropriate learning experience. Mauril levels are inspired by the CLB system and cover levels 1-8, or the equivalent of CEFR levels A1-B2. A placement test allows students to start at the appropriate level for their needs.

Increased autonomy and participation

Mauril encourages autonomy, as students can use the app on their own time and progress at their rhythm. The app includes ideas for linguistic challenges that encourage risk-taking, serving to develop and consolidate real-life language skills such as speaking, writing, and reading.


I liked many features on the Mauril platform.

First, the placement test is straightforward and placed me at an appropriate level. The themes covered in the course are also very diverse. The fact that the learning takes place with the help of short videos makes it stimulating. This is especially true for the post-secondary community, which in my experience tends to think that language classes often have too much reading! I really liked that some videos are split into more than one segment, with questions along the way, rather than at the end. This feature allows users to pay closer attention to relevant information presented in each video. What’s more, in the event of a comprehension issue, the user may choose to listen to certain passages again. This feature was quite useful, along with the new words I learned in the French-English terminology list shown before each video. I would add that the practice exercises and challenges aimed at improving spoken English are also very interesting.

Valérie Pominville, Proofreader and part-time French professor, Université de Hearst

As someone who has struggled with French for most of my life,

I find Mauril a wonderful tool for working on my skills. And as an English teacher, I’m even more grateful for this beautifully-designed app, since it provides my students excellent examples of authentic language in context through short clips that are clear, fun, and Canadian. Users can progress at their own pace. On top of everything else, it’s free! Merci, Mauril.

Curtis Emde , Settlement Support Worker, Vernon and District Immigrant and Community Services Society

The short videos are very interesting and stimulating.

They make it possible to test the students’ comprehension while presenting interesting subjects for discussion. The various levels of difficulty make it possible to follow the progress of each student as they tackle new challenges. This application is a tool that opens the door to many great learning activities: in class and at home!

Marie-Ève Ducharme, Pedagogical advisor, Cégep Marie-Victorin

FAQ for Teachers

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is filled with answers and guidance to help you get the most out of Mauril. Find information about progression, technical issues, teaching strategies and more. If you don’t see your question answered, send a message to mauril@cbc.ca.

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