What learners are saying about Mauril

I like their use of video clips […] I think they help train your ears and you can also observe manners of speech and social cues which you don’t normally get with other language training apps and courses.

Anonymous learning French
Beginner 1

Mauril is helping to improve my listening comprehension. I find that using the French CC has helped me pick up the faster speaking.

Anonymous learning French
Beginner 3

Really interesting idea. This app reminds me of my old French immersion classes back in school, it throws you into it, but also holds your hand while you learn. The video segments are fantastic.

M C learning French
Intermediate 1

Very exceptional experience! I was immersed in English speaking environment from one scenario to another. It’s very helpful for me to learn English. My next journey is to learn French.

L K learning French
Beginner 2

It’s so great having such fantastic resources like this to learn Québécois French, since there are already so many for European French, and the media selected is very high quality. I only wish there were more!

Jordan learning French
Beginner 3

I’m loving this app!! I needed to improve on my listening and comprehension skills and this is great because it allows me to hear the dialogues at the speed and pace which people speak at in real life!

Juney learning French
Beginner 4
Mauril app

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