What is Mauril?

Mauril is a new, free digital platform leveraging a wide range of stimulating and entertaining content from CBC and Radio-Canada to help users learn English and French. Financed and endorsed by the Government of Canada, this new tool is designed and deployed by CBC/Radio-Canada, in collaboration with a committee of pedagogical experts. It’s meant to help improve oral comprehension and integrate language knowledge in everyday life.

Can I use Mauril if I’m not in Canada?

Mauril was designed specifically to help people in Canada learn English and French. It is not available to users outside of Canada. The learning approach used on Mauril is centred around the use of authentic Canadian video and audio content. The rights associated with this content are, for the most part, limited to use in Canada. If you are connecting to the app outside of Canada, the content will not be accessible.

Why is the platform called Mauril?

We chose the name Mauril to pay tribute to the Honourable Mauril Bélanger, the former Ottawa-Vanier MP who championed official languages in Canada.

Do I have to pay to use Mauril?

Mauril is completely free, allowing everyone in Canada to learn French or English.

Who was the Mauril app created for?

The application was principally created for use by adults, with content that would interest them and be adapted to their reality. Mauril is a particularly interesting tool for newcomers because language is learned through high-quality content focused on the rich cultural diversity of Canada. For parents who wish to support the language learning of their children, Mauril suggests discovering the Zoomizoom series.

How is Mauril different from other learning platforms?

While many language learning apps focus on building vocabulary and lack real-life context, Mauril presents tailor-made lessons built around authentic language with diverse and culturally relevant content. As a learner, that means that you are plunged into a linguistic immersion situation. This is a highly effective way of learning a language and the single best way to build up your oral comprehension skills.

Why do the questions appear in the language that I’m trying to learn?

Mauril is specifically designed to immerse you in the sounds and culture of the language you are learning. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but this method is backed up by research and practical applications from around the world. While this is an effective way to learn a language, it can take some time to adjust. To help you adapt to this method, you can set your display language to either English or French so that the menu labels and other supporting information is easier to understand (go to "Edit my profile" to change your settings).

How is my progress measured?

Mauril relies on gradual and progressive learning. Once you complete the placement test, you will be directed to the level corresponding to your current proficiency in the language you are learning so you can watch the suggested videos and gradually progress from one level to the next. The videos that will be suggested to you have been selected based on criteria such as speed, plot complexity, visual support, accents or language level to help you progress with confidence. Throughout your learning path, you will be offered tests to measure your progress and badges will be awarded to highlight your successes!

You will also see suggested challenges at the end of each video to give you the opportunity to practise the language orally and in writing in your daily life. Once you have successfully completed Advanced 2, you will be more linguistically independent and will therefore be able to continue your language learning by watching your favourite Mauril shows on CBC Gem or ICI TOU.TV. You can also return to previous levels at any time to review any and all content.