It’s never too early to start learning a language!

With Mauril, kids of all ages can discover the joys of learning another language! Discover Zoomizoom, a fun, bilingual series created specifically for young learners. Gather the family to enjoy the show, talk about the content, and watch your kids’ language comprehension grow with each episode. Older learners won’t feel left out either. Game Savers is a series that will expose them to their second language while also immersing them in the world of video games.

Game Savers

When video game developer Maggie Chancery discovers that Bossanator, a character from her latest game, is threatening to destroy the world’s video games, she enlists her niece and nephew, Stella and Max, to help save video games!


Every day, JJ and Floralie welcome preschoolers to Zoomizoom Park, where they meet two friendly kids, Amelia and Sami, plus Pablo, Mamigo, Alfie and Léa. In this park, English and French are spoken.

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