A fun and engaging way to learn French and English

Ready to take your French or English language skills to the next level? Test your listening comprehension skills with audio and video content from CBC and Radio-Canada. Progress at your own pace and step out of your comfort zone with language challenges. Mauril will help you feel more confident using French or English in any context.

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How do I learn with Mauril?

Take the placement test

A short placement test will ensure that you begin your learning journey at a level that’s right for you.

Watch, listen and answer

Watch and listen to the video/audio content, answer questions developed by language learning experts, and move on to new levels at your own pace.

Challenge yourself along the way

Test new skills by taking on daily practical challenges, like ordering from a restaurant menu or making a call in the language you are learning. You'll be surprised by the boost of confidence it brings you!

Mauril app

Learn on multiple devices

Getting started with Mauril is easy. Download the app on Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets, or use the website version. Simply create a profile and access your learning journey from any device, whenever and wherever you wish!

Download the Mauril App on Google Play.Download the Mauril App on the Apple App Store.

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Why learn with Mauril?

You will be exposed to everyday words and expressions and tune your ears to how francophones and anglophones speak from coast to coast. Open doors, develop a sense of community, and challenge yourself with a language learning tool that can be used any time, anywhere! Learn through listening comprehension, using fun and engaging audio and video content from CBC and Radio Canada.

Discover why Mauril is for you

Teachers, use Mauril as a complementary teaching tool

Do you teach English or French as a second language? The free Mauril app can be used to complement your courses and can serve as a tool to immerse your students in whichever language they are learning. The Teachers page provides helpful information on how to make the most of the app.

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Learn with captivating content from CBC and Radio-Canada

The audio and video content found on Mauril has been sourced from CBC and Radio-Canada’s vast content libraries. This includes recent TV series, documentaries, news reports and podcasts, all of which are tailored for difficulty and learning level.

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Immerse yourself in culturally relevant content

Mauril is the kind of language learning app that invites you to jump right in! By watching videos and answering questions, you will activate your listening comprehension skills and you will be exposed to words, expressions and accents from across the country. Each clip has been carefully selected to maximize exposure to Canada’s diverse cultural landscape.


Need help?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don’t see your question answered, you can send a message to mauril@cbc.ca.

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