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What is Mauril?

Mauril is an all-new, all-free platform to learn English and French through a wide range of stimulating and entertaining content from CBC/Radio-Canada.

Learn through engaging content

News, public affairs, magazines, variety, documentaries, comedy, fiction and much more!

Learn for free

No annual membership, no hidden fees. 100% free.

Learn in a fun and efficient way

Progress through a captivating learning path, filled with rewards, challenges and encouraging words.

Learn through an expert-endorsed method

Developed with a committee of pedagogical and linguistic experts, Mauril uses an approach based on official Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).

Frequently asked questions

How is Mauril different from other learning platforms?

Mauril offers you the opportunity to learn English or French using a variety of stimulating and entertaining video and audio content from CBC\Radio-Canada, offered totally free.

Will Mauril be available on a website?

We're working on it! Sign-up to make sure you get the latest Mauril news.

Do I have to pay to use Mauril?

No, Mauril is offered totally free, allowing all Canadians from coast-to-coast to learn or improve their English or French.

What is the CLB standard?

Canadian language benchmark (CLB) standards are linguistic skills levels on which all Mauril learning levels are based. Rest assured, your learning path has been tried and tested by our skilled pedagogical team.

Why are some videos brief, while others are long?

In each learning unit, the videos are adapted to the learning requirements associated with the specific level. The shorter videos are mainly used at beginner levels, while the longer ones are used at more advanced levels.

Is there any other type of content besides video?

While most content is in video format, Mauril also uses audio content, i.e. radio shows or podcasts.

Are there different types of videos?

Yes. You can learn English or French using a wide range of CBC\Radio-Canada content, including news, public affairs, magazines, variety shows, documentaries, comedy, scripted series and more. Mauril also offers audio content like radio programs and podcasts, which are reserved for more advanced levels.

What is the purpose of the Challenges section in Mauril?

The Challenges section provides ideas on how to practice your learning language in day-to-day life. You'll also find tips and tricks to make your experience even more rewarding.

Why is the platform called Mauril?

We chose the name Mauril to pay tribute to the Honorable Mauril Bélanger, the former Ottawa-Vanier MP who championed official languages in Canada.

Can I use Mauril if I'm not Canadian?

Mauril was designed specifically to help Canadians learn English and French. The app is not available outside Canada.

Why was the project created?

Financed and endorsed by the Government of Canada, this new tool is designed and deployed by CBC/Radio-Canada, in collaboration with a committee of pedagogical experts. It’s meant to help improve oral comprehension and integrate language knowledge in everyday life.

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