What is your learning style?


Have you ever wondered if anyone else approaches language learning in the same way as you? Learning a language can be like running a race: there are many different ways to cover the ground. You may be a learner who goes the distance at a gentle jog, or you may be the type that takes off full speed from the starting blocks. The best learning style is the one that works for you!

The Mauril team has identified four of the most common types of learners, and we have coupled these types with tips and tricks to optimize learning on the app. Even if you are just starting this journey and feeling a little anxious about embarking, these tips will help set you on the right path. We’ve also listed previous blog articles as recommended reading for each learning type.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the learning types below? Read on to find out! Despite the names we’ve given each type, no running is required.


The Strong Starter

Whether they are discovering a language for the very first time or rediscovering one that has gotten rusty, Strong Starters are excited for any new chapter. They bring plenty of energy to each new experience, which is necessary when faced with a challenge like learning a language. Strong Starters have no problem committing consistently at first, but they lose steam over time. They might need a little extra encouragement to stay the course. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Tips for the Strong Starter on Mauril

  • When you open the app, begin with a unit that appeals to you. It doesn’t have to be the first unit you see! Go with what feels fun.
  • Take the time to read the description and familiarize yourself with the vocabulary. Don’t worry if you have to repeat the unit several times to understand it completely. That’s part of the process.
  • If you are a user at a higher level, try out some units in the lower levels to ease yourself into the app and get comfortable with the way it works.
  • Take the time to browse through different types of content on the app, like news, comedy, documentaries or podcasts. The app was designed with content for all tastes and interests.
  • Know someone else using the Mauril app? Perhaps they have some suggestions for units you might like. The key is to find a reason to spend more time on the app, engaging with content that appeals to you.

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The Jogger

Joggers are quite committed to their learning journey. They can stick with it for a long period of time, but they may not be able to practise regularly or make as much progress as they want to. The desire to learn is there, but the spark might not be. Not to worry, a little routine goes a long way.

Tips for the Jogger on Mauril

  • Set a goal to increase the time you spend on the app, as well as the number of units you intend to complete during each visit.
  • Establish a routine to increase your number of visits/units. Commit to a certain number of units per week and complete them at a set time during your day, like on your commute or just before bed.
  • Mauril is constantly being updated with new content. Check back often, and you may be surprised and inspired by what you find. The same applies to new features. Did you know that you can now listen to vocabulary words to find out exactly how they are pronounced?

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The Sprinter

Sprinters might not buckle down and practise too often, but when they do, they don’t hold back! They cover a lot of ground in each session, without breaking a sweat, but they might not make consistent progress. Sprinters might find it difficult to pick up where they left off in their previous sessions. Can you relate?

Tips for the Sprinter on Mauril

  • Instead of cramming countless Mauril units into one session, try spreading out the number of units you do across more frequent visits, so that your brain can digest the new information more easily. Spaced practice (i.e., studying material over a period of time with breaks in between) gives the brain time to process information and form connections, which results in better retention.
  • If you can’t help but speed through a number of units in one visit, try revisiting units you’ve already completed, reviewing vocabulary and seeing if you can improve your scores!

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The Marathoner

Marathon learners are consistent and committed. They have a learning goal in mind and their eyes are on the prize. That being said, even learners with this level of focus can benefit from tips to improve their language learning journey. As schedules and priorities change with time, Marathoners need strategies to stay in tip-top shape.

Tips for the Marathoner on Mauril

  • Avoid rushing through the levels in the app by completing more units than are required. This will further reinforce the learning at each level.
  • Completing more units at each level might inspire you to do further research on different topics in the language you are learning. If you are at a high enough level, explore the sources of the content you find in the app.
  • Diversify your practice. Make it a habit to complete the Mauril Challenges in each section and be sure to regularly top up and review the words in the My Words section.

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As you can see in this article, there are as many language learning styles as there are ways to approach a foot race. The key to success is finding the cadence that works for you and the motivation that helps you maintain your pace. Visit the Tips and Tricks section on the Mauril website for more ways to optimize your personal language learning experience.

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